Welcome to the NDBC, the registry designed specifically for responsible dog breeders and owners who strive to improve the image of purebred dogs. The NDBC improves the value of purebred dogs and their offspring and contributes to the overall improvement of the breed as a whole.

There is no need to wait any longer without having your purebred dog registered or receiving the support you deserve from your registry. The time has come for you to register your purebred dog and help to promote the positives of the breeds and their ownership.

The NDBC records the parentage of all dog breeds registered with us but is not itself involved in the sale of the dogs and cannot therefore

guarantee the health and quality of the dogs in its registry.

It is our responsibility to protect and preserve purebred dogs in their original form by registering and guaranteeing their purebred status.

We put the honesty in our breeders to submit the correct information when applying for registrations.