When people experience a dogfight, there are ways and methods of separating or stopping a fight. Some methods used today are very affective whereas others are myths and are not advisable to try as they could have nasty consequences.

Here are a few common methods both fact and myth:


This method sometimes works on 'non-terrier' dogs that don't have a natural tendency to fight. It's not efficient especially with a serious dogfight; one shouldn't waste time with this method.


A very good myth indeed, that's if you can get your finger in a fighting dogs butt! This myth has definitely no effect on a dog whatsoever! Pit bulls and other fighting dog breeds are known to have a very high pain threshold during a fight. If they can fight with broken legs, believe me...they'll fight with your finger up their arse!


Provided there is over 10% capsicum, it might work if applied directly to the dog's nose and mouth area. Foam spray does 'not' work!


HITTING / KICKING / SCREAMING: Unless you want to aggravate the situation go ahead! You're more likely to get pregnant! This method never works.... so don't waste your time!

BREAKING STICKS: For one person, these will help but that is if only one aggressive dog is involved. With two dogs involved, a breaking stick with just one person is not going to be of much help at all. Two experienced people both equipped with breaking sticks will be able to separate serious dogs that are not human aggressive.


Stun guns which deliver a low or harmless electric charge can be used which cause a dog 's muscles to weaken and loose their strength. This is known to be a very safe and quick method to stop a multiple dogfight.


This is my personal effective method that has never let me down. I find it works more effectively if it 's cold. Take an empty bottle that has a squirt nozzle e.g. a sunlight liquid bottle, fill it up with either water or vinegar & keep it in the fridge. When a fight should occur take the bottle of water or vinegar, open the spout and place it at the dog 's nostril and squirt the liquid with full force into the nostril. 99% of the time they release immediately due to the intense cold or burning sensation from the vinegar. Fizzy drinks have the same effect as the bubbles cause a tingling sensation in the nose.


All dogs should be wearing either a strong collar or choker chain at all times especially American Pit bull Terriers! A dog without either of the two cannot be controlled and is a hazard waiting to happen.

When a dogfight is in progress and there is more than one person then each person must grab a dog at its collar and hold firmly! DO NOT TRY AND PULL THE DOGS APART AS THIS CAN CAUSE MORE DAMAGE!  If a person uses one of the effective methods above the dogs will release. If there are no means of getting the dogs apart then each person must choke the dog by pulling the collar or choke chain tight enough to cut off the dogs air supply. This method should only be used if it 's an absolute emergency as this method can be fatal for the dog if not done by experienced handlers! Not only does it cut off the air supply but also cuts off the blood supply to the dogs brain. The minute the dog 's release, immediately separate them and loosen the collar instantly so that the dog can regain its consciousness and breath, failing to do so will be fatal.

If you 're alone and there 's no one to assist then proceed with caution and do as follows: Get hold of a strong leash or rope which is not more than 1.5 “ 2 metres in length. Fasten or clip the leash or rope onto one of the dog 's collars or choke chain (preferably onto the dog that is being bitten). Pull the dogs to the closest anchor point where you can tie the leash or rope onto. Once the dogs are securely fastened then one can use any of the above effective methods on the dog that has the hold on the other.

Separate the dogs completely from each other and do not put them together until it is absolutely safe to do so! It often happens that once the dogs have had a bad fight, they cannot be reintroduced at all!